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Cristex Concentrate


Cristex Concentrate is a pre-packed and ready to use waterproofing mortar based on cement, specially graded and treated quartz sand and special chemical additives for crystalline concrete waterproofing.


In the presence of moisture, the chemically active compounds within Cristex products create a reaction between the un-hydrated concrete particles and water within the concrete matrix that generates millions of insoluble needle-like crystals which block the pores, capillaries and small cracks. It thus forms a permanent and effective barrier to water penetration without affecting the permeability of water vapours and allowing the substrate to breathe. Once they have penetrated into the concrete matrix the chemical compounds of Cristex remain permanently present. Latent when the concrete is dry, Cristex reactivates in the presence of humidity and moisture restarting the process of crystallization and sealing any new potential cracks or water ingress.


With an extremely advantageous quality price ratio and a reciclable packagging that can be used as a mixing container Cristex Concentrate has the following advantages:


  • Chemically reacts in depth within the concrete to prevent capillary rise of water and water leakage with or without pressure.
  • The crystallization effect reactivates permanently in the presence of water.
  • Seals cracks up to 0,4 mm.
  • Improves the concrete mechanical resistance, abrasion resistance and freeze-thaw resistance.
  • Protects concrete against agressive underground water/waste water.
  • Inhibits the concrete carbonation process.
  • Can be applied on both positive or negative side.
  • Approved for use in potable water applications.
  • Provides an economical solution when used with Cristex Damproofer as the second layer.

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